Biederman Society

If you feel strongly about the educational and cultural resources NMC provides and would like to join with others who share your values, we hope you’ll consider joining the Biederman Society. This prestigious group of donors consists of people just like you—dedicated alumni, friends, faculty, and staff, who have included planned gifts to the NMC Foundation in their financial or estate plans.


If you have already made a planned gift to support NMC, please let us know so that we can properly thank you and welcome you into the Biederman Society.

Planned Giving

A planned gift is any gift made as part of your financial and estate planning, often enabling you to make a larger gift than you could through your income alone. There are many different types of planned gifts and each offers unique advantages.

The key feature of planned gifts is that they provide important benefits to you as well as to NMC’s students and programs. You may be surprised to learn that many gift types offer financial and tax advantages. 



Donor Recognition

It is with sincere appreciation that we recognize the donors below who have chosen to invest in the future of our college by making planned gifts to NMC.

Dallas Alsup* Michael H.* & Barbara M.* Dennos Sally L. King & David Reed Karen E. & Thomas C.* Sabin
Thomas P. & Garnett Anderson William & Phyllis Donberg William J. & Bonnie J. King Terry L. & Janet E. Sanborn
Robert M. & Charlene Barko Dr. Ilse H. Dove & Ronald E. Dove Richard C. & Sally A. Lewis Arthur M.* & Mary E. Schmuckal*
Walter E.* & Elaine L. Beardslee Monon E. Dunn* Gordon Lightfoot Mary Ann* & Clair J. Schneider
Raymond C. & Priscilla W. Becker Theron E.* & Evelyn* Durga Wayne H. & Terry Lobdell Barbara A. & Dudley B. Smith
James J. & Dorothy A.* Beckett Alvin E. Eckhardt Mary Lee* & Richard B. Lord Vern R. Strassburg
Dr. J. G. Marc Bertrand G. Arnell Engstrom* Mark A. & Catharina E. Lundmark Margery L. & Kenneth R. Taylor
Lester M.* & Anne R.* Biederman Dr. Greg Fawcett & Janet L. Updike Eleanor Lynn & John Elashkar* David J. & Diana A. Terrell
Ross A. & Brenda Biederman Richard B. & Isabelle S. Firestone Terence & Sarah F.* Malone Karen Viskochil
Raymond W. Broadbent* Leonard H. & Charlene Gerow Dr. Jayne H. Mohr & Calvin E. Karr Harriet M. Wall
Mary Ann Bush Dorothy & Robert M.* Gerrity Eric A.* & Hettie A. Molvang James R. Weigand & Tawnya Rowden
Bruce L. & Mary C. Byl Francis J. & Jacqueline Gingras Craig A. & Kathi L. Mulder William G. & Shirley K.* Weiss
Jeffrey J. Byl Dr. Kathleen E. Guy & Mark L. Guy Timothy J. Nelson & Nancy C. Johnson Richard V. & Kimiko O. Williams
James R.* & Judith A. Clancy Bill & Barbara Handy Joseph A. & Marion S. Nied Richard M. Zehner
Kevin D. Clark Kim H. Hanninen Richard* & Clarine R. Olson
George C. Comden Paul A.* & Evelyn* Hockstad Carol L. Shaw & Larry D. Peek
Marguerite C. Cotto & Andrew J. Craven Thomas C. Jones Kenneth A. Pickering
Wayne* & Geraldine* Cowell Christine M. & Terrance J. Keenan Jeane D. Poos
James P. & Judy Delapa Dr. Charles L. Kelly & M. Dolores Kelly Glen* & Anne E. Robinson
Patricia Ann Delonnay & Donovan Rodriguez* Edwin C.* & Phyllis Kidd Dr. Edward J. & Sharon Rutkowski
* Deceased




Contact Us

For more information about the Biederman Society and planned giving, please contact Paris Morse at (231) 995-2822.

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