NMC Annual Fund Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Annual Fund?

The NMC Annual Fund is the resource for establishing a broad foundation of sustainable funding for NMC’s programs and scholarships. Gifts made to the Annual Fund support a range of needs that impact the current and future students who come to NMC for innovative programs and life-changing opportunities.

How is this different?

From 2005-2012, the NMC Foundation set and exceeded ever increasing goals, thanks to generous support from friends like you. Thank you! Gifts to the former “Annual Campaign” included those designated to a specific, restricted fund or purpose as well as those to NMC’s Priority (unrestricted) Fund which allows NMC leadership to determine their best use.

The new NMC Annual Fund is comprised only of gifts to our unrestricted fund and those designated for general scholarships. This will ensure that NMC has the agility to respond to industry demands, community priorities, and the changing needs of our learners.

Why are unrestricted gifts so important?

It is essential that NMC and the NMC Foundation have the flexibility needed to meet the changing needs of our learners and our community. In some cases, gifts that have been restricted to certain programs or designated to a certain type of scholarship are no longer relevant. By increasing funds available that are unrestricted or given for a “general scholarship” pool, NMC will be better able to respond to the needs of our learners.

Our programming continues to evolve with our community and as part of a global society and economy. The college has established strategic directions that serve as a compass, helping the College direct its resources, including Annual Fund support.

Chosen for their relevance to the regional economy and assets, those priority areas are:

  • Advanced Manufacturing
  • Arts and Culture
  • Entrepreneurship and Innovation
  • Fresh Water
  • Health Care
  • Renewable Energy and Sustainability
  • Value-Added Agriculture

Where do funds go?

The NMC Annual Fund will provide support to NMC in the following areas:

  • Scholarships: To ensure that financial barriers do not keep our learners from achieving their full potential
  • Facilities and Technology: To ensure NMC’s infrastructure and technology keeps pace with the changing world so that students may have the most relevant learning experiences.
  • Leadership and talent: To ensure all our programs have the faculty and leadership required to thrive.

Can I still support specific scholarships with a gift to the Annual Fund?

The purpose of the Annual Fund is to build the foundation for unrestricted funding which includes general scholarships. General scholarships, which are flexible in use, can be directed to meet the most urgent and unexpected needs of our learners or to invest in building enrollment in strategic areas.

Donors are always welcome to designate their giving to the area or a specific fund they are most passionate about. However, these gifts will not be part of the Annual Fund.

What’s in it for me/us? (Donor)

Your gift will:

  • Open doors to deserving students;
  • Change lives with the promise of education;
  • Broaden horizons by bringing art and culture from around the world to our community; and
  • Inspire others to give, too.

You will receive:

  • Annual Report Recognition
  • Invites to “special” events
  • Special Mailing updates
  • Latest issues of the NorWester, E-news and exciting stuff!

How can I donate?

Thank you for considering a gift to NMC’s Annual Fund! An investment in your community college is an investment in your friends, neighbors and coworkers — and in the vitality and quality of life in our region.

Make a secure online gift now »

Or if you prefer, you can send your donation to the address below:

Northwestern Michigan College Foundation
1701 East Front Street, Traverse City, MI 49686
Phone: (231) 995-1021
Toll Free: (877) 922-1021

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