NMC six-word stories: A sampling

Much more than I had expected.

My dream can become a reality.

Helped poor college girl survive tuition.

Living through good food and friends.

Grateful to learn now, future donor.

Great help for a good start.

Greatest gift. Make or break. Appreciated!

Supporting the wishes of my family.

Opportunity to grow and be honored.

Great Help! Someday I'll give back!

Full appreciation to be flying high.

Our father would have loved this!

Real affordable; Real good; Real life.

Helping yourself grow through younger eyes.
I got my wings at NMC.

I got my wings at NMC.

You're never too old to return.

I promise to pass it forward.

My avenue to a better world!

Following in footsteps much too big.

New beginnings, starting place, hopeful future.

Life-time friendships, real-life experience.

Good teaching friends help others learn.

Given opportunities to follow my dream.

Pressure is less. Time for studies.

Helping students get started in business.

Opening up a whole new world.

Giving joyously breeds opportunities for students.

NMC is Traverse City's good fortune.

A bright light in the darkness.

Building community one student at a time.

Gratuity abounds so much to do.

Changing the lives of all people

Great people, caring environment, exceptional foundation.

Assistance to continue a great experience.

Generosity has further inspired me.

NMC: an asset to Traverse City.

Generous gifts create opportunities for growth.

Encourage global learning- Get out there!

Keep running higher and jumping faster!

Never underestimate the value of education!

Bigger isn't always better, love NMC.

Always living outside my comfort zone.

Education's a powerful tool for life.

Without education our future is bleak.

Students taught me thus I learned.

NMC scholarships help to pay the bills.

Tool of invigorating productivity and creativity.

A Women's Club making a difference.

Excellence in faculty-student relationship and education.

Pursuing an education, found my inspiration.

My scholarship helps me help others.

Nervous one day, excited the next.

Flight fees piling up, everything helps.

Saves me money for the future.

Opportunity to savor what I learn.

Humbling experience, exciting future, eye-opening relationships.

Success: never give up on yourself.

Enriching experience filled with lifelong memories.

Great college to have in TC.

The best education at the best price.

Helping us learn for a lifetime.

What you learn, changes your life.

Honor: Helping others succeed in life.

My mom epitomized a lifelong learner.

Small step- students. Giant leap-society.

Counselor who sees NMC change lives.

NMC.edu: World's gateway to our community.

To see manufacturing continue in Michigan.

Four children, four lives enriched greatly

Impossible dreams, incredible kindness, speechless gratitude.

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