Apply for High School Dual Enrollment

By participating in our dual enrollment program, you can earn college credit while still in high school. NMC's college credits may also be used to complete high school graduation requirements. Admission is select, however. You must qualify for admission to NMC.

STEP 1: Meet with your high school counselor

Determine if there are classes at NMC that will help you fulfill your high school graduation requirements. Remember that by being dual enrolled, you are starting college and all grades will appear on your college record.

STEP 2: Qualifying for admission as a Dual Enrolled Student

  • You need to submit either COMPASS Placement or ACT test scores. ACT scores must be submitted to NMC's Admissions office (see chart below for qualifying ACT scores).

    Skill tested

    ACT Test Scores

    Class Placement



    ENG 111 (English Composition)



    ENG 111 (English Composition)


    21 - 23

    MTH 111 (Intermediate Algebra - or lower if desired)


    24 - 25

    MTH 121 (College Algebra) or MTH 131 (Probability & Statistics) or MTH 106 (Math for Elementary Teachers)


    26 - 27

    MTH 122 (College Trigonometry)


    28 - 29

    MTH 140 (College Algebra/Trigonometry)



    MTH 141 (Calculus - or lower if desired)

  • If you have not taken the ACT Test, or your ACT scores are below the approved level, you will need to take NMC's COMPASS Test to determine Dual Enrollment eligibility.
  • Math Eligibility - Dual Enrolled students may not take any math course lower than MTH 111, even if they pay for it themselves. Students placing into lower levels must take their math at their respective high schools as per State of Michigan, Department of Education policy.
  • COMPASS testing is available Monday - Friday in the Student Success Center in the Osterlin Building. You must have a photo ID and your Social Security number when you come to test. Call (231) 995-2134 with any questions.
  • NMC's Admissions Office will send an eligibility letter, along with test score results, to all students within one week of testing. The letter will inform you of which classes you qualify to take.

STEP 3: complete your dual enrollment application with your counselor

  • Meet with your high school counselor and fill out the Application for Dual Enrollment (PDF), taking your NMC eligibility letter into account to determine which classes you may be able to take. Call 1-855 FIND NMC for more information.
  • Sign the Dual Enrollment Application and make sure that you have signatures from your principal, a parent/guardian and yourself.
  • Submitting the application to NMC does not register you for the classes you have selected. The Admissions Office will process your application (allow for one full week) and send you a letter regarding orientation. Your next step will be to sign up for orientation online.
  • Send the application to NMC's Admissions Office with a $20 non-refundable application fee.
    Northwestern Michigan College
    1701 East Front Street
    Traverse City MI 49686

STEP 4: Register for and attend orientation

  • First time Dual Enrollment students will need to register online for an orientation session.
  • At Orientation you will complete a class registration with an NMC Academic Advisor, get your student ID, and parking pass (if eligible).
  • You will also receive a printout of your class schedule and a Tuition Authorization Form to take back to your high school.

STEP 5:arrange for payment for your class(es)

  • Your high school must complete the Tuition Authorization Form (PDF) showing what they will be paying for and send it back to:
    NMC Cashier
    Attn: Kim Gourlay
    1701 E. Front St.
    Traverse City, MI 49686
  • You may reach Kim by phone at (231) 995-2320 in the Cashiers Office or send her an e-mail at
  • Any charges that your school will not pay for must be paid, by you, to NMC in a timely manner to prevent your classes from being canceled.

STEP 6: Buy books & begin attending class

Our bookstore is located in West Hall (#9 on the campus map). You can compare bookstore prices to online prices through our website. Make sure you know when your classes begin at NMC. Typically our fall semester begins in August and our spring semester in January.

STEP 7: Attend class regularly and meet with your counselor before you decide to drop a class

It is very important that, after talking with your counselor, you visit the NMC Records & Registration office to officially withdraw from a class you decide to stop attending. Remember that grades for classes taken at NMC are part of your official college record. Quitting a class at NMC has implications for your college grade point average. You and your parents may also be required to repay your school for a class not completed.


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