2012 projects

  • History Books Conversion: $1,250
  • Mobile Advising Kiosk: $2,410
  • Leisure Reading Collection: $2,900
  • Global Opportunity Scholarship: $5,000
  • Musician Chairs for Fine Arts: $9,767
  • GLMA Ship Simulator: $10,000
  • Hydrographic Navigation Software: $12,650
  • Ash Tree Replacement (5th of 5-year pledge)
  • BBQ Tuition Commitment (2nd of 5-year pledge)

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Barbecue-funded Projects

2013 Projects


Amount to be Funded

Chassis and Suspension Trainer – Purchase of a chassis and suspension trainer that allows students hands-on training in steering, suspension and brake systems and alignments.


College For Kids Scholarships – Kids with proven financial need can apply for scholarship equaling 50% of class costs for up to three classes or $180. Last year 86 kids received more than $5,700 in scholarships.


Creating an Active Learning Classroom – Project will create first active learning classroom at NMC, designed to transform the learning environment into a flexible, technology driven environment that focuses on small group work, more active learning, and hands-on instructor involvement.


Elkay Bottle Filling Station – Replacement of eight existing water foundations with bottle filling units/drinking fountains at main campus, University Center and Parsons Stulen. Estimated savings of 44,000 plastic bottles from landfills in 2012.


Engineering Club Baja Competition – Provide funding to be used for entrance in annual spring SAE Baja Competition and towards expenses related to that event. NMC BBQ will receive sponsorship recognition on the car.


NMC Nickname Logo Design – Fund the outsourced design of the college's new Hawk Owl logo, including trademarking of logo and nickname.


NMC Scholarship Open - Sponsorship includes $5,000 to fund scholarships at NMC, plus $800 towards an iPad used during event registrations and transactions by the NMC Foundation. BBQ will be a major sponsor of the Scholarship Open event with recognition at the Scholarship Luncheon, hole sponsorship, advertising and even signage.


Simulcast Capability – Request to help fund a project that will allow NMC to simulcast events to and from campus and the museum to other locations around Traverse City. Simulcasts would be in high definition, with surround sound and transmitted over standard IP networks and the internet.


Here is just a sampling of the scores of projects made possible by the NMC Barbecue since it began in 1956:

  • Adult Student Center
  • Ash Tree Replacement
  • Automotive Equipment Upgrade
  • Automotive Lifts
  • Aviation GPS/MFD Training Aid
  • Beautification of the Technical Center Buildings & Grounds
  • Business Department Learning Lab
  • Cafeteria Equipment
  • Career Exploration software
  • Chemistry Lab Equipment
  • Circulatory System Model
  • Computer-based Automotive Diagnostic Equipment
  • Computers for White Pine Press
  • Culinary Institute BBQ Smoker
  • Darkroom Equipment for Photography Department
  • Dental X-ray Equipment
  • Digital Radiography Equipment
  • Discovery Gallery
  • Drafting Lab Renovation
  • Duct Blaster, tool for energy efficiency training
  • Dutmers Theater Projection System Upgrade
  • Electronic Photography
  • Equipment for Biology Department
  • Equipment for Chemistry Department
  • Equipment for Hard of Hearing Students
  • Equipment for Health Occupations Division
  • Equipment for Machine Tool Department
  • Equipment for Medical & Dental Assisting Programs
  • Equipment for New Fine Arts Building
  • Equipment for Physical Education Facility
  • Equipment for Physics Department
  • Equipment for Visual Arts
  • Equipment for WNMC-FM
  • Film Drying Cabinet
  • First & Second Language Education for Adult Immigrants
  • Furnishings & Equipment for Science Building Lecture Room
  • Furnishings for New Library
  • Great Lakes Campus Redevelopment
  • Handicap Shelter
  • Honors Program
  • Instruments for Music Department
  • Internet Access for Residence Halls
  • Launching of Associate Degree Registered Nursing Program
  • Launching the Great Lakes Maritime Academy
  • Law Enforcement Equipment
  • Library Computer Network
  • Lobdell's Technology Update
  • Maritime Navigation Lab Sound System
  • Mathematics Software
  • Milliken Auditorium Camera
  • Milliken Auditorium Projection System Upgrade
  • Milliken Auditorium Stage Lighting
  • Milliken Auditorium Stage Lighting Update
  • Multi-Media Projection
  • New Equipment for Welding Program
  • NMC Child Care Center Scholarships
  • NMC Film Series
  • NMC University Center
  • NMC Writing & Reading Center Hardware
  • Nursing Program Simulation
  • Object Alaris 3D printer
  • Observatory Construction
  • Outdoor Sculpture
  • Pharmacology Materials for Health Occupations Division
  • Photobiography Project for English classes
  • Pottery Wheel Replacement
  • Renovation of Student Center
  • Student Engagement Incubator Fund
  • Support for Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society
  • Telescope & Accessories for Astronomy Classes
  • Tennis Courts & Facilities for Recreational Activities
  • Two 15 Passenger Vans for Field Trip Transportation
  • Watershed Science Class
  • Wireless Community for Osterlin Library
  • WNMC Transmitter
  • Writing & Reading Center Computers