Barbecue-funded Projects

2016 Projects


Amount Funded

G1000 Basic Aviation Training Device (BATD)


Apartment and Daycare Center Playground Equipment


Surgical Technology Program Equipment and Library Resources


Dennos Art Banner Project


NMC Scholarship Open Sponsorship


NMC Observatory Telescope Drive Replacement and Upgrade


Shipwreck Research in Northport Harbor (Nautical Archaeology students)




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Here is just a sampling of the scores of projects made possible by the NMC Barbecue since it began in 1956:

  • Adult Student Center
  • Alumni Art Show
  • Automotive Equipment Upgrade
  • Aviation GPS/MFD Training Aid
  • Beautification of the Technical Center Buildings & Grounds
  • Business Department Learning Lab
  • Career Exploration software
  • Chemistry Lab Equipment
  • Circulatory System Model
  • Computer Application Stations for Admissions
  • Computers for White Pine Press
  • Culinary Institute BBQ Smoker
  • Dental X-ray Equipment
  • Digital Radiography Equipment
  • Discovery Gallery
  • Dutmers Theater Projection System Upgrade
  • Electronic Photography
  • Equipment for Biology Department
  • Equipment for Hard of Hearing Students
  • Equipment for Medical & Dental Assisting Programs
  • Equipment for New Fine Arts Building
  • Equipment for Physical Education Facility
  • Equipment for Visual Arts
  • First & Second Language Education for Adult Immigrants
  • Furnishings for New Library
  • Great Lakes Campus Redevelopment
  • GLMA Ship Simulator
  • Handicap Shelter
  • Honors Program
  • Instruments for Music Department
  • Internet Access for Residence Halls
  • Launching of Associate Degree Registered Nursing Program
  • Launching the Great Lakes Maritime Academy
  • Law Enforcement Equipment
  • Library Computer Network
  • Lobdell's Technology Update
  • Maritime Navigation Lab Sound System
  • Mathematics Software
  • Milliken Auditorium Projection System Upgrade
  • Multi-Media Projection
  • Musician Chairs for Fine Arts
  • NMC Child Care Center Scholarships
  • NMC Film Series
  • NMC University Center
  • Observatory Construction
  • Outdoor Sculpture
  • Renovation of Student Center
  • STEM Robotics and College for Kids Scholarships
  • Support for Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society
  • Telescope & Accessories for Astronomy Classes
  • Tennis Courts & Facilities for Recreational Activities
  • Two 15-Passenger Vans for Field Trip Transportation
  • WNMC Transmitter

2015 projects

  • NMC Traditional Pow-wow – For educational materials, facility rental, etc for the first ever NMC Pow-wow: $3,500 Matching
  • Multi-Parameter Water Quality Sonde – Purchase of the sonde and 3 sensors to monitor/measure water quality in Great Lakes Water Studies Institute classes: $10,000
  • Student Success Center Workspace – Purchase of 10–12 portable white boards to create a more dynamic workspace which encourages collaborative work space: $3,000
  • Lean Champion Flipped Classroom – Purchase of 15 iPads to be used for off-site training for class members of the Lean Champion Manufacturing and Office programs: $9,500
  • College for Kids Scholarships – This will help fund scholarships for need-based students wishing to enroll in College for Kids programs: $2,000
  • Library Laptop Loan Program – This will add 5 new laptops including chargers and carrying cases to the fleet of laptops currently in the loan program to retire laptops that are beyond repair. This gives students without a home computer the opportunity to access one for schoolwork: $2,700
  • ROV Student Design Team-Tether – Covers the cost for 300 feet of tether for the commercial quality inspection ROV for research on water-related issues on the Great Lakes and infrastructure inspection on inland lakes and waterways: $3,600
  • Scholarship Open Sponsorship – Sponsorship includes $3,000 to fund scholarships at NMC: $3,000
  • Side Scan Sonar for Nautical Archaeology Students – This advanced piece of maritime equipment uses sound waves to map the lakebed and underwater features such as shipwrecks, docks and piers by Nautical Archaeology classes: $3,000
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