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NMC students at the May 2011 TEDxTraverseCity event - Photo by John Robert Williams
Photo by John Robert Williams

TEDxTraverseCity Videos

Below are selected videos from past TEDxTraverseCity talks by former NMC students including John Militello, who went on to serve as Head of Creative at Google. More videos from the event can be found on the TEDxTraverseCity website and YouTube channel.

Selected TEDxTraverseCity Talks

2015: Dawn Moses: Give Your Gift to the World

2014: Eric Owen: Changing the World by Saving Lives

2014: John Militello: The Game Changers Under Our Noses

2013: David Rhine: Overcoming the Label

2012: Nargilya Gasanova: NMC student from Turkmenistan

2012: Anjanette Merriweather: NMC graduate