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Events & Activities

Annual Events

All commitment students must attend/participate in a minimum of four events listed below and one online module (by grade level) per year, in order to meet the requirements of your scholarship. Your coordinator will keep track of your attendance and participation. Event cycles are for 12 months and begin in June 2017 (with the Campus Takeover/Overnight event) and run through next May 2018.

Campus Takeover/Overnight

  • Come to NMC’s main campus and enjoy a day and/or overnight of activities, games, and team building with current Commitment students from NMC, as well as other high school students from across northwest Michigan!
    • Date: Friday, June 23–Saturday, June 24, 2017
    • Who is eligible: All Commitment students!

College Night

  • Attend one of the largest college fairs in northwest Michigan, with more than 50 colleges and universities present! This annual event occurs in October at NMC’s Great Lakes Campus, inside the Hagerty Center. This is a great opportunity to explore your post-NMC options at four-year schools!
    • Date: October 2017 — TBD
    • Who is eligible: All Commitment students!

Bowling Night Out

  • Do you need a night out and take a break from school? Would you like to meet other Commitment Scholars from across our region? If yes, then please make sure you attend our Commitment ‘Bowling Night Out’! This is a fun and informal event that will help Scholars get to know everyone else from all 18 participating high schools!
    • Date: Feb. 2018 — TBD
    • Who is eligible: All Commitment students!

‘Evenings @ NMC’

  • Have you or your parents forgotten about how your Commitment Scholarship works? Are you unsure of what it covers or what it doesn’t cover? Do you know the difference between scholarships, grants, and/or loans? If yes, please make sure you attend one of our four informational sessions. Students only need to attend ONE event out of the four listed.
    • Date: April/May 2017 — TBD
    • Who: This is mandatory for all ONLY senior (2018) Commitment students.

Induction Ceremony

  • Attention class of 2021, this is your first mandatory event at NMC as part of your “commitment” to our Commitment Scholarship Program! This event will be similar to an awards ceremony, where you will officially receive your Commitment Scholarship certificate!
    • Date: April 2018 — TBD
    • Who: This is mandatory for all freshmen (2021) Commitment students.

Leelanau Outdoor Center (LOC)

  • Come visit the shoreline in Leelanau County and participate in an outdoor educational adventure that builds positive character traits, camaraderie among all Commitment students, and challenge yourself physically, mentally, and socially by breaking out of your comfort zone!
    • Date: *August 2018* (next year!)
    • Who is eligible: Freshmen (2021) and sophomores (2020).
      • Seniors (2018) and juniors (2019) may also attend as chaperones/volunteers!

High School Visits

  • As a Commitment Scholar, you must attend three (3) out of four (4) high school visits that I will be making to your school throughout the year. I will visit your high school twice in the fall and twice in the spring!
    • Date: Sept. 2017 - May 2018
    • Who: These are mandatory meetings for ALL Commitment students and don’t count towards your 4 (four) total in-person events..

Program Events — Online:

In addition to in-person events, sophomores through seniors must also complete their assigned financial aid modules/coursework. These courses will help prepare you (and your parents!) for college and beyond. These courses must be completed between your second and third high school visits!

NOTE: All information is subject to change, and space/availability for each event is limited. More information will be given about event specifics, such as number of openings, times, etc. as they approach.


Contact NMC Admissions at (231) 995-1054 or

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