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Commitment scholarship students

Commitment scholarship students in the NMC cafeteria

Commitment scholarship students and their parents

Information For College Students

Requirements for maintaining your Commitment Scholarship at NMC

  • Maintain a 67% class completion rate with a 2.0 GPA, per the Satisfactory Academic Progress Policy for Financial Aid
  • Remember to check your Moodle account every day and attend all your classes
    • Academic checks will be made if a student falls to a 2.25 and an advisor meeting will be required
  • Attend Commitment Scholarship Program meetings held by your Coordinator
    • At least once per semester
  • Attend Commitment Scholarship Program meetings held by Academic Advisors and/or Student Success Coaches
    • At least once per semester
      • In addition to maintaining regular contact with your faculty advisor
  • Volunteer to assist and/or help chaperone at least three (3) of the high school events/activities listed on the Events & Activities page.


Interested in volunteering with High School Commitment Scholarship students?

Contact NMC Admissions at (231) 995-1054 or

News & Events

Add/Drop Dates

Check your Moodle account or NMC Self-Service page to determine your specific Add/Drop Dates.

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