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NMC maintains a large media collection. Although these materials are purchased primarily for instructional use, they may be viewed at Osterlin Library.

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​Films on Demand Online Video Repository

NMC has a license with Films on Demand. This is a digital repository and subscription database of academic videos, streamed on demand, for use in support of online, hybrid, and face-to-face classes. This repository allows you to either play the whole video or select specific segments. The collections available are: Health & Medicine, Humanities & Social Sciences, Science & Mathematics, and Business & Economics.

This is available for use by anyone with an NMC ID and password (note that if you want to use the playlist or the favorites list you will need to create a username and password). This includes students! Students can find the Films on Demand link under A-Z Database & Research Tools on the Osterlin Library web page.

For more information, or if you have any questions, please call Educational Media Technologies at (231) 995-1070.

​Search NMC's Media Library

​Schedule media

Email or call (231) 995-1070.
Provide the following information:

  • Your name
  • Academic Area or Division
  • Date needed
  • Approximate time the program should be started
  • Classroom building & room
  • Catalog number and/or name

​Reserve media for student use

Instructors may put media on reserve for student use outside of the classroom. Students can view media in the library.

Call 995-1070 or email to put media on reserve. Give your name and Academic Area/Division, the title(s), length of time the media is to remain on reserve, class title and number.

Note: Please call Educational Media Technologies prior to announcing reserve availability to your class. At least 24 hours notice is needed to label and barcode reserve material.

​Purchase New Media

NMC strives to keep the media collection current and relies on faculty input for purchasing of new media titles. If you are looking for media on a specific topic or a certain title, call 995-1070 or email Media may be available for preview prior to purchase.

​Use non-NMC media for instruction

You can use media not owned by NMC in class instruction as long as it follows the copyright law. One time use normally falls within the Fair Use Guidelines.

​Seek public performance rights

  • If you wish to show a video or other media to a group, organization, or general public, (with or without admission charges) this is a Public Performance.
  • This type of showing requires different pricing and copyright regulations.
  • It may require rental of the video/feature film for use.
  • Contact Educational Media Technologies at 995-1070 for information and guidance on seeking Public Performance Rights.

​Put media online for student use

For help with the technological and copyright issues of putting media online for student use, call 995-1070 or email

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