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Do you have that perfect book to supplement your course material for the semester? Maybe a video in a catalog caught your eye. The format of your supplemental materials does not matter; just don't forget the best place for them is on RESERVE at the Osterlin Library. You just need to let us know what materials you need, and we will make sure your students have access to those materials.

Note: Compliance with current copyright law must be assured. If only one copy of an article is reproduced (reproduction must be within the limits defined by "fair use" requirements), the item may be placed on reserve. The source of item (article) must be cited clearly on the first page. Please see this page at Teaching@NMC for copyright information.

To Reserve Print Materials:

  • Complete a Reserve form. The form is also available at the Service Desk in the library. If you need copies, please call 995-1060.
  • Attach the form(s) to the material(s) you want on reserve. You are welcome to drop off the materials in person at the library, or use an Interoffice mailer.
  • Please allow for sufficient time for processing new reserve requests before sending students to the library. Our goal is to have materials available within 24 hours of receipt. We recommend completing the reserve process prior to the beginning of classes each semester.
  • If Educational Media Technologies (EMT) has a video you wish to put on reserve, please contact EMT at 995-1075. They will provide the library with a copy for the reserve shelf. Or you can ask them about their Films-On-Demand database.

To Reserve Online Materials:

  • Contact the Library at or call 995-1540
  • Provide the name of publication and article, author, publication date and volume and Issue number, if possible.
  • We will check our databases for electronic access and notify you of the status of the article's availability.

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