Text the Library

Have a problem, have questions, or need help?

Text the library at (231) 660-1060.

If you have a more in-depth question, you can contact us through our instant messaging chat service, by email, or by phone at (231) 995-1540.

This service is available during library open hours.

Who can use this service?

It is available to all NMC students, faculty and staff.

How do I text the library a question?

Send a text message to (231) 660-1060.

What kinds of questions should I ask through text?

Simple, quick questions. For example:

  • “Do you have the text for ENG111 on reserve?”
  • “What are your hours this weekend?”
  • “Is the café open?”
  • “Is there an A&P tutor available in the library today?”

What kind of response will I get?

Answers will be simple and quick.

When the library is open, you will receive a prompt reply.

When the library is closed, you will receive a reply the next day that the library is open.

This service is private and secure. Your wireless number is kept confidential. Standard wireless provider text rates apply.

Need a more detailed answer?

Call (231) 995-1540

Email library@mail.nmc.edu

Or visit the Osterlin Library in person.

Osterlin Library