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How do I find a Government Document in the Library?

How do I cite a Government Document in a List of References or Work Cited Page?

  • Use the library-suggested software program Noodlebib (Best to use when citing a document as part of a multi-source bibliography)
  • A great program from the University of Arizona: DocsCite (Best to use when needing to find citation information for documents only)

Government Information

Osterlin Library houses both federal and State of Michigan documents as part of government depository programs. Use government search engines to find laws, reports and statistics about the Grand Traverse region, Michigan and the United States. 

Use our online catalog iLink to find government documents.

Federal Government Research »

Osterlin Library has been a Federal Depository Library since 1964. The collection is especially strong in statistics and reports from the departments of Commerce (Census), Defense, Education, Health, Justice, and Labor.

Michigan Government Research »

Find reports, statistics, and legal information from Michigan state agencies as well as regional information in the Michigan Document Collection.

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