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Your COMPASS scores matter. Here are some of the many resources, including sample tests, to help you prepare (links to external sites open new browser windows):

COMPASS Placement Test

Applicants admitted to the Academy must be prepared to begin academics at the freshman English and intermediate college Algebra levels. Readiness to begin at these course levels is determined either by college credits accepted for transfer, math and English ACT/SAT exam scores or through completion of the COMPASS (Computerized Adaptive Placement Assessment & Support System) placement test. ACT/SAT scores are also considered in the application process. A minimum ACT composite score of 21 (1440 SAT) is required for consideration.

The COMPASS placement test is a computerized test that verifies placement levels in Reading, Writing, Numerical Skills and Algebra. The COMPASS not only verifies the minimum placement level, but can also be used to justify advanced placement in mathematics. A standardized test, COMPASS is available to be administered at the Academy / Northwestern Michigan College and other colleges throughout the country. You may use an approved calculator on the math portion of the test. Additional information regarding the COMPASS placement test, sample test questions and the latest calculator guidelines may be found at the ACT web site »