Body of Music

TRAVERSE CITY —  NMC’s Anatomy and Physiology and Audio Technology students will present “Body of Music,” a collaborative musical interpretation of six different systems of the body, at 5 p.m. Thursday, Dec. 12, in Fine Arts 115.

Open to the public, the performance is the culmination of a cross-curricular project that began in October. Anatomy and Physiology instructor Nick Roster assigned his 20 students to work in small groups with the audio technology students. Each A&P group had to explain a system, disease or condition of the body.

The assignment is intended to simulate what students will face on the job, when they need to deploy their education, often in a health care setting, Roster said.

“I expect them to be able to teach, to explain difficult concepts to people with no background,” Roster said. “A lot of them are going to be nurses, and they’re going to be asked, ‘What does that mean?’ ”

One group of students who chose the nervous system explained that its function is partly due to electricity. Another group chose pregnancy, characterized by the dual heartbeats of mother and fetus.

After the lessons the Audio Technology students, using instruments, sound effects and editing technology, created musical pieces, each about three minutes long, which interpret those systems.

“The assignment from our side was to take that information and arrange it into a musical composition,” said audio technology instructor Steve Quick. He participated in the assignment, too, creating a composition for mitochondria, the energy source or batteries for human cells.

Six different musical pieces will be unveiled Thursday. The program should take no more than one hour. 

Release date: December 10, 2013

For more information:

Nick Roster
Anatomy & Physiology instructor
(231) 360-9424