Governor Signs State Budget, Including NMC Priorities

Dear Colleagues,

I have some good news to report from our state leaders today. Governor Snyder has signed the fiscal year 2018 budget which finalizes several important items for NMC.

This signing marks the end of the legislature’s annual budget process. The budget spends $16.6 billion on school, colleges and universities. It also includes final approval for NMC’s multi-million dollar 21st Century Innovation Center project, a slight 2% increase in our state funding formula allocation and a $1 million investment in the Michigan Transfer Network (MTN) to modernize the MTN website and increase accessibility to information about college and university credit transfers.

The inclusion of these priorities for NMC and community colleges statewide would not have been possible were it not for the leadership of our elected officials, and I would like to personally thank those leaders who represent us in Northern Michigan including Representative Inman, Senator Schmidt and Senator Booher.

In addition, I believe this budget shows the state’s commitment to community colleges and the work that we do every day preparing learners for success through a competency based, knowledge application furthering their pursuit of social and economic success. We are excited to move forward with the West Hall Innovation Center and we will continue to update you on the project.

Timothy J. Nelson, President
1701 E. Front Street Traverse City, MI
Phone: (231) 995-1010


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