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Fall 2016: Adventure

Submission Deadline is Monday October 24, 2016

The road less traveled may be fraught with danger, but its journey offers endless possibilities. This semester NMC Magazine delves into the experiences, risks, and excitement in undertaking an adventure. What lurks in the deep recesses of that cave? Are there new lands waiting to be discovered? Can our hero slay the dragon? Will NASA's asteroid mission be successful?

Lace up those hiking boots, heed the call of the wild, and unleash your creative power. Send us your stories, poems, illustrations, photos, artwork, film, or other designs either in person or via email by Monday October 24, 2016.

Bring hard copies to:
Communications Office: Scholars Hall, Attn: Alissia Lingaur -OR-
Humanities Office: Fine Arts, Attn: Caroline Shaefer-Hills.
Email submissions to
Be sure to attach the Submission Form.

We are looking forward to your submissions!