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Automotive Electrical Drivability Specialist Certificate Requirements

Certificate of Achievement (Level II) – NMC Code 031

This certificate is designed to train students in the automotive systems related to the operation of the engine and its control systems. Emphasis is placed on the automotive electrical and electronic control systems. For students to be awarded this Electrical and Drivability Specialist certificate, they must pass the related State of Michigan exams or ASE test for all five of the required automotive courses.

Effective: Fall 2019

Foundation Requirements

For successful completion of the AT courses, placement into ENG 111 is recommended; and completion of MTH 08 or placement into MTH 23 is recommended. For incoming students that do not meet the recommended level, remedial courses may be recommended.

certificate Requirements Credits: 32

Required Classes



AT 100 Automotive Service Basics*


AT 120 Automotive Electrical I


AT 130 Engine Performance I


AT 160 Engine Repair


AT 220 Automotive Electrical II


AT 230 Engine Performance II


Elective course(s)


* May be waived with proof of appropriate work experience or education.

Program Completion Requirements

A minimum of 32 AT credit hours are required to receive this certificate. Students must choose elective courses from the Automotive Program course list to reach the required credit level.

Must pass the related State of Michigan or ASE test for all of the required automotive courses.

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