NMC Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) program students and instructors pose with the fleet of drones and unmanned aerial vehicles
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Uncrewed Aerial Systems Training

Northwestern Michigan College has created a unique training center that specializes in Uncrewed Aerial Systems (UAS). Here you can earn a degree, complete a certificate program, or just get specialized training. You can choose your own adventure.

FAA Approved UAS-CTI School

NMC has been approved by the Federal Aviation Administration as part of the UAS College Training Initiative program. So what does this mean? It means NMC offers training that goes above and beyond many of the smaller UAS training schools. NMC has a robust curriculum that is a total solution for preparing people to enter the UAS industry. It is a focused program with technical hands on training and an impressive fleet of aircraft along with an instructional staff with years of experience in the industry.

Associate Degree

Our two-year Associate Degree will prepare you for the UAS industry. If you are looking for specialized collegiate training, then look no further. You can get college credit doing something you're passionate about. Our Associate of Applied Science degree is in Engineering Technology with UAS Specialization. It is a hands-on technical degree that will prepare you for the future!

Engineering Technology UAS Degree Info

UAS Certificate Program

Not everyone needs a degree to take advantage of drone technology. Our certificate program allows a person to focus only on UAS training and still qualify for financial aid. If you already have a degree or other professional experience and just need to add drone training to your abilities, then this certificate program is for you.

UAS Certificate program Info

UAS Training Focus

  • Certification as a Commercial UAS (Drone) Operator
  • Training on a variety of systems from basic to advanced commercial-grade UAS equipment
  • Learn how to use drones for specific uses in the industry such as:
    • Aerial Photography
    • Mapping and land survey
    • Agriculture
    • Industrial Inspections
    • Advanced drone operations with long endurance aircraft
  • Frequent and regular hands-on training in the field with UAS equipment
  • Learning how to be marketable to the UAS industry

Articulation Agreements

Course Descriptions

Course Sequence Guides

Program Requirements

Faculty & Staff

  • Tony Sauerbrey — UAS Program Manager
  • Carl Rocheleau — Chief UAS Instructor

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Specialized NMC UAS degree

NMC's Engineering Technology degree gives students the technical training they need for a successful career in the UAS industry, including electrical systems, hydraulics, robotics. programming design, GIS and more. Check out this exciting degree option

UAS Training Fleet

NMC UAS Training Center operates a variety of aircraft — everything from small multi-rotor aircraft that students build to the large catapult-launched UAV Factory Penguin C. Learn more about some of these different aircraft below:

Aerosonde Course

NMC UAS Training Center has a course training students on the Textron Aerosonde! This two-part course includes a ground portion and hands-on flight training. Students completing the course have an excellent chance at working at Textron operating the Aerosonde. Learn more about this amazing aircraft here.

Find out what's new in the UAS world

The Association for Uncrewed Vehicle Systems International (AUVSI) is a great source of industry news. Visit AUVSI.org to learn more.

Look for UAS jobs

Visit AUVSI's Career Center to see what types of jobs are available today. Visit the AUVSI Career Center.

Engineering Technology-UAS Degree

NMC offers an Associate degree in Engineering Technology - UAS. Check out the flyer.