Awards & Recognition

Equity in Education Award 2008

Sponsored by the Michigan Association of Collegiate Registrars and Admissions Officers, this award is  given for unique learning community programming to promote and encourage equal educational opportunitys for all, especially the economically and educationally disadvantaged.   

National Bellwether Finalist Award 2003

Sponsored by the National Council for Workforce Education, National Community of College Futures Assembly and the Institute of Higher Education at the University of Florida, only 10 of these awards are granted each year. Bridge was cited for "unique programming for higher education."   

Grand Traverse Area Chamber of Commerce
Outstanding Educators of the Year Award 2003

This is given for community contributions in opening up an effective doorway into higher education in our six-county area.  

Exemplary Program Development 2001

Bridge was cited by North Central Accreditation Team for Colleges and Universities and "student service philosophy" in the establishment of a model program for returning adults.  

Professional presentations   

Building Bridges for Adults, Michigan Tech Prep Education Conference, Grand Rapids, MI. 

Creating a Success Environment for the Returning Adult, National Tech Prep Conference, Atlanta, GA. 

Seven Factors, The Michigan Association for Adult and Continuing Education, Lansing, MI.

Factors for Successful Management and Education of Disadvantaged Learners, The Chair Academy 10th International Conference, Tampa, FL.

Toolbox for Change:  A Leadership Strategy. How to Create Your Own Transition Program, Build Enrollment, Community Partnerships and Trust, University of Florida Futures Conference. 6. Bridge Building for Nontraditional Students, the Commission on International Adult Education, Louisville, KY.

Pathways from Poverty, a Kellogg Foundation Initiative, sponsored by the North Central Regional Center for Rural Development.

“No matter what life throws at me, cancer, a new pace maker, or my MS, I know I will succeed because of the special people at NMC that make every student feel like the "only" student. Thank you NMC."


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