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Bridge: A Community of Promise

NMC’s Bridge Learning Experience is designed specifically for nontraditional adult learners, providing flexible class times to fit various schedules. Working with more than 30 regional agencies to serve individuals residing in the surrounding six-county area, the program enrolls more than 100 students each year.

Students in the Bridge program describe it as motivational; it's both a confidence builder and an opportunity to succeed. The NMC Bridge Program is a learning community, and it operates on the premise that students learn better together.

The program received the 2008-09 Equity in Higher Education Award from the Michigan Association of Collegiate Registrars and Admissions Officers. NMC’s Bridge Learning Experience was chosen from among six competitive programs in Michigan for its encouragement and promotion of equal educational opportunities in higher education for all, especially the economically and educationally challenged.

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Bridge program

The NMC Bridge Learning Community offers its students a jump-start in higher education through academic success and career exploration classes. At the same time the Bridge program offers value-added training that employers want. Students can:

  • Earn a technology literacy certificate
  • Begin a college certificate in technology through the Business Discipline
  • Begin to train for the Microsoft Office Certification.

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Charlene Lutes, Bridge Program creator and former director

“Many students attracted to Bridge appreciate the social interaction that helps them succeed in college. It doesn’t matter how old anyone is; learning is a lifelong endeavor and many need to begin or return for education and training.”

Creator and Former Director of the Bridge Learning Experience

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