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Culinary Arts Program Requirements

Associate in Applied Science Degree NMC Code 109

The Great Lakes Culinary Institute believes in the principle of learning by doing. Extensive hands-on training will give you the competitive advantage in this highly competitive field. This program is designed to provide rigorous and concentrated study for those students who plan careers in the rapidly-growing food service industry. The program’s main emphasis is to prepare students for entry-level chef and kitchen management positions. Consideration is given to the science and techniques associated with the selection, preparation, and serving of foods to large and small groups.

The Great Lakes Culinary Institute’s facility is located on NMC’s Great Lakes Campus. It is comprised of five culinary labs including a bakery, introductory and food skills kitchen, an advanced cooking kitchen, a garde manger kitchen, a beverage management outlet and Lobdell’s, a 90-seat training restaurant. Upon graduation, students will have an unbeatable combination of knowledge, skills and work experience.

The Great Lakes Culinary Institute is accredited by the American Culinary Federation. The Institute has been awarded Exemplary Program designation by the American Culinary Federation.

Effective: Fall 2015

General Education Requirements Credits: 17-18

Communications: ENG 111 and either BUS 231 or ENG 112


Humanities: Any Group 1 course


Math competency: Placement into MTH 111 or higher, or completion of MTH 23 or MTH 23A and MTH 23B


Science: Any Group 1 course with a lab


Social Sciences: Any Group 1 course


Occupational Specialty Requirements: 57

CIT 100 Computers in Business-An Intro


CUL 100 Intro to Professional Cookery


CUL 101 Today’s Hospitality Industry


CUL 110 Safety and Sanitation


CUL 111 Professional Cookery


CUL 118 Introduction to Baking


CUL 121 Purchasing and Receiving


CUL 190 Culinary Internship


CUL 210 Nutrition for Culinary Arts


CUL 211 Menu Planning


CUL 213 World Cuisine


CUL 215 Garde Manger


CUL 217 Dining Room and Kitchen Management


CUL 218 Advanced Baking


CUL 295 Contemporary Service & Cuisine


Program Requirements: 74-75

Note: Admission to the Culinary Arts program requires COMPASS test scores of Writing 70, Reading 82 or co-requisite of ENG 111 + 11, and Pre-Algebra 21. All culinary students are required to take CUL 100. A waiver may be obtained by documenting attendance at a career technical center with a minimum GPA of 2.5 and/or relevant industry experience. Students must submit appropriate documentation to department chair at least two weeks prior to the start of the semester they plan to attend.



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