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Early Childhood Education and Care Certificate Requirements

Early Childhood Education and Care Certificate of Achievement — NMC code 002

Receiving NMC’s Certificate of Achievement in Early Childhood Education and Care qualifies individuals to meet the Early Childhood Program Director requirements for the State of Michigan Licensing Rules for Child Care Centers. In addition, the following classes are approved by the National Child Development Associates (CDA) Program. Students completing NMC’s Early Childhood Education and Care certificate program and the CDA credentialing process will meet qualifications for Michigan’s Licensing Rules for Early Childhood and/or School Age Care Program Director. Students are encouraged to work closely with the Early Childhood coordinator to complete this certificate. A 2.0 GPA must be maintained to receive the certificate.

This program is designed to be a building block program. By adding certain classes, a student may complete the requirements for an associate’s degree and students may transfer to a college or university to complete a bachelor’s degree. Students may also elect to stay in Traverse City and transfer to the University Center.

Early Childhood Education and Care Certificate of Achievement Outcomes

Students completing the Early Childhood Education and Care Certificate are able to reliably demonstrate a working knowledge of child development from conception to 12 years of age; possess observation skills and tools to assess, evaluate, and build individualized plans for children; apply curriculum development knowledge to provide age appropriate/multi-cultural activities and materials; apply environmental design knowledge; demonstrate a working understanding of special need children/families in inclusion/self-contained classrooms; possess working knowledge and skills in discipline management, development of self-esteem and prosocial behaviors; possess working knowledge of program management and philosophy building; apply knowledge in working with families, including diverse/multi-cultural systems.

Effective: Fall 2019

Certificate Requirements Credits: 38-39

Required Classes



ECE 101 Early Childhood Education


ECE 202 Human Development and Learning


ECE 203 Curriculum for Child Guidance


ECE 204 Early Childhood Curriculum


ECE 206 Infant Toddler Care Curriculum


ECE 220 Early Education Administration


ECE 230 Early Literacy and Learning


ECE 240 Integrated Arts in Curriculum


ECE 290 Early Education Internship*


EDU 212 Educating Exceptional Children


ENG 111 English Composition


PSY 101 Intro to Psychology


Placement into MTH 111 or higher, or completion of MTH 23


* This internship can be split over more than one semester.

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