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Manufacturing Technology Program Requirements

Associate In Applied Science Degree – NMC Code 584

The Manufacturing Technology program is designed to provide a multi-disciplined technical background in fields for which NMC does not offer a specific program. For instance, students interested in pursuing careers in advanced manufacturing or welding may enroll in the Manufacturing Technology program and design a model schedule that emphasizes their major area of interest.

The program has the flexibility to match the student’s interest with the skills necessary for job entry. Students, with assistance from the technical division advisor, will select a major area of technical emphasis. These technical courses plus supporting courses from other disciplines comprise the Manufacturing Technology program requirements.

Each student’s proposed Manufacturing Technology program must be approved by a committee consisting of the appropriate department head, the academic chair, and the registrar.

Effective: Fall 2019

General Education Requirements Credits: 17-18

Required Classes



Communications: ENG 111 and either BUS 231 or ENG 112 or ENG 220


Humanities: Any Group 1 course


Math Competency: Placement into MTH 111 or higher or completion of MTH 23


Science: Any Group 1 course with a lab


Social Sciences: Any Group 1 course


Occupational Specialty Requirements: 39

Electives: 4-9

Choose any courses from Group 1 and/or Group 2.

*Contact the Technical academic advisor at 995-1300 for further information.

Program requirements: 60-65

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