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Please remember that regular rehearsal attendance is necessary for the success of the individual and the choir. If an absence cannot be avoided because of illness or conflict with a school concert, please notify the Director, as soon as possible, with the specific reason for the absence.

Please be aware that the Children’s Choir does not necessarily cancel rehearsals according to area school closings. If rehearsals are cancelled due to weather, you will be notified via email, local TV and radio, and on our website. Cancellations will be posted by 3 p.m. on the day of the rehearsal. The phone number to call to check on cancellations is (231) 995-1718.

Because of the uncertainty of Northern Michigan weather, we have built a few “Snow Day Rehearsals” into the schedule – to be used in the event of a cancellation of a regularly scheduled rehearsal. Families will be notified if when/if any of those “Snow Day Rehearsals” will be implemented.


If you wish to subscribe to the NMCCC calendar (XML or iCal) please click on the previous links. You can use this to view the NMCCC calendar in Google Calendar, access the NMCCC calendar from feed readers (like Google Reader), or products that support the iCalendar format (like Apple's iCal).

If you wish to view a read-only version of the NMCCC calendar without signing in to Google Calendar, you can access it directly in your browser here.

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