Fundraising & Touring Accounts


To help offset program costs and keep tuition costs low, NMCCC holds two fundraisers during the year – a Fall and a Winter fund raiser. ALL NMCCC students are encouraged to do their part, and participate in the fundraisers In addition to helping support the “greater good,” the fundraisers also offer an opportunity for NMCCC singers to earn money to help offset future tour costs. Our most advanced choir, Cantus, participates in a performance tour each Spring. Through the fundraising campaigns, NMCCC singers can earn money to pay for their current or future tour costs.


Opportunities are available for Cantus singers to participate in tours to various locales both foreign and domestic. NMCCC maintains a separate "touring" account for each singer. If a child chooses to participate in NMCCC sponsored fundraising opportunities, a percentage from his/her individual sales and donations are designated to be held in escrow in the singer's personal touring account. The percentage that goes directly into the singer’s touring account depends on the choir they are currently enrolled in. The percentage increases as students work towards membership in Cantus, ramping up their fundraising efforts. The percentages are as follows:

  • Dolce, Bel Canto, Lyric – 10% of a student's yearly fundraiser sales/donations goes into their personal trip account for future use
  • Ragazzo – 20% of a student's yearly fundraiser sales/donations goes into their personal trip account for future use
  • Cantus – sliding scale percentage of a student's yearly fundraiser sales/donations goes into their personal trip account ($1-$500 = 30%, $500+-$1000 = 35%, $1000+ = 40%, the percentage will be determined by the student’s fundraising total after completion of the Spring Fund raiser.)

The credits held in escrow are available to help pay for any future tour expenses which the singer might incur. They are not available to pay any other NMCCC fees, such as tuition, uniform rental, etc. The escrowed funds are owned by NMCCC and are not eligible for cash withdrawal by the singer. Direct deposits made by a family toward a singer or chaperone's tour costs as well as charges for the tour are also accounted for in the singer's touring account. Statements showing activity in the touring account are provided once each year and more frequently if your child is chosen to participate in an NMCCC tour. You may also request a statement for your singer's touring account at any time, and parents are encouraged on occasion to review the account activity and accuracy of the information shown. Any balance remaining in the touring account at the time of graduation or withdrawal/removal from the NMCCC program reverts to the NMCCC general fund. Upon request, any balance remaining in a graduating singer's touring fund can be transferred into an active sibling's touring account.

The NMC Children’s Choir cannot be held responsible for any incorrect information or accounting in a singer’s Touring Account. It is the parent’s responsibility to check for accuracy following each fundraiser.

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