Nursing Associate Degree Program Requirements

NMC Code 302

Northwestern Michigan College’s Associate Degree in Nursing consists of two years of nursing classes after prerequisites are met. It is designed to give the student the necessary skills and preparation for employment after graduation. Graduates of the ADN program are eligible to apply for the National Council License Examination (NCLEX-RN) for licensing as a registered nurse. All nursing courses must be completed within five years.

Admission Requirements:

  • Application Deadline: Applications for the nursing program admission are due by July 1 for spring semester (January) and February 1 for fall semester (August). To be considered for admission to the nursing program the student will:
    1. Follow the current NMC admission process – i.e., application, transcript, etc.
    2. Follow the competitive process as identified in the eligibility letter and/or e-mail sent by the Nursing Office Assistant. This letter and/or e-mail will include a link to the competitive process.
    3. Complete and submit all paper work by the due date (July 1 for spring semester and February 1 for fall semester). The link will close at the designated time and no further applications will be accepted.
  • A student application, placement testing and all supporting documentation must be on file before student eligibility can be determined. This includes submission of an official high school transcript.
  • Repeat classes: Any math and/or science class may only be repeated once. This includes fails, drops, or transferred classes. (effective June 1, 2012)
  • Students must maintain eligibility requirements throughout the application and admission process, which includes maintaining the required GPA and ensuring math, science, or biology skills do not expire.

GPA Requirements

  • College students must have an overall GPA of 2.5. (Overall GPA is defined as a combination of NMC GPA and any transfer courses counted toward the ADN degree.)
  • General education course equivalents may be transferred from another institution according to the college transfer policy.
  • Catalog prerequisites for all courses can be found here.

COMPASS or ACT Test Requirements

Students must complete either the COMPASS or ACT Test Requirements.


  • Math: 66 or above in Algebra (or equivalent course work) within five years of program entry. Students must place into MTH 121 – College Algebra. If they do not, students must take MTH 111 – Intermediate Algebra with a grade of 2.0 or better.


  • ACT of 24 for Math (If ACT score is not within five years of program entry, the COMPASS test may be taken to demonstrate current math skills.)

Courses Required for Admission Consideration

  • ENG 111 – English Composition – 2.0 required
  • CHM 101 – Introductory Chemistry - 2.0 required
    • Two semesters or 1 full credit of high school chemistry with a 2.5 combined average may satisfy this requirement. Must be taken within the last 10 years. If chemistry is older than 10 years, students may retake CHM 101 or successfully complete a competency exam.
  • PSY 101 – Introduction to Psychology – 2.0 required.
  • BIO 227 – Human Anatomy & Physiology I – 2.5 required
    • Must be taken within the last 5 years. If A&P is older than 5 years, students may retake BIO 227 and BIO 228 or successfully complete a competency exam. The competency exam may be taken a total of 2 times. There must be a minimum of 3 months between attempts.
    • [Transfer students must have completed course work equivalent to BIO 227 and BIO 228 with 2.5 or better within the last 5 years before transfer credit will be considered.]

Courses Recommended prior to starting the ADN Program

It is recommended that students complete the following courses prior to starting the ADN program.

  • * BIO 228 – Human Anatomy & Physiology II – 2.5 required
    • [Transfer students must have completed course work equivalent to BIO 227 and BIO 228 with 2.5 or better within the last 5 years before transfer credit will be considered.]
  • BIO 240 – Normal and Clinical Nutrition
  • PHL 202 – Contemporary Ethical Dilemmas
  • ENG 112 – English Composition
  • HPD 110 – BLS for Healthcare Providers (CPR) – Equivalent classes are:

Current CPR certification must be documented by the start of the first clinical day and maintained throughout the remainder of the program.

* NOTE: While you can take BIO 228 and nursing in the same semester, it is not something we recommend. The course load is very demanding and may be more than some students can handle successfully. In order to be successful you must have excellent time management and study skills.

See program map for recommended placement of above-named courses if not completed prior to starting the ADN program.

Nursing Courses Available prior to starting the ADN program

HNR 100 Introduction to Nursing and HNR 108 Pharmacology are the only HNR (Nursing) courses that pre-nursing students may take prior to starting the nursing program. A class will open to pre-nursing students depending on available spaces. These classes (including transferred classes) fall under the NMC Nursing Program Policy Manual. A student who withdraws from a nursing class after 25% of the class has been completed receives a program fail. A class completion with a grade less than 2.0 is also a program fail. A student with two program fails will be dismissed from the nursing program. If you are a pre-nursing student with two program fails, you are not eligible for admission to the nursing program. See the Nursing Program Policy Manual (PDF) here.

The nursing program must be completed within 5 years of taking the first nursing class.

Revised 8/10/2015

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