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Nursing Program Policy Handbook (PDF)

What you'll find at NMC

  • Transfer courses, two-year associate degrees and professional certificates
  • Online learning options
  • Access to BA and advanced degrees through NMC's University Center
  • Small classes, personal attention
  • Scholarship opportunities
  • Reasonable tuition
  • Excellent academic reputation
  • Dedicated faculty & staff
  • On-campus housing options

Nursing Applicant Checklist

  • New or former NMC students: Complete and submit an Application for Admission — indicate either the Pre-Associate Degree Nursing program (950) or Pre-Practical Nursing program (951).
  • Current students: Complete and submit the Change of Program Form (PDF) — change to either Pre-Associate Degree program (950) or Pre-Practical Nursing program (951).
  • Request official transcripts to be sent from any prior college/university to NMC Admissions Office (if not previously requested)
  • Submit either ACT or COMPASS results, if needed: COMPASS is not needed if student received 19 or above in the reading and writing portions of ACT and 21 or above in the math portion of ACT (math within last 5 years), or prior English and math course taken at the college level (math within last 5 years)
  • Review the Health Occupations website for nursing program criteria.
  • Transfer student from a Michigan college or university? Check how credits transfer to NMC at the NMC Self-Service website.
  • Anatomy & Physiology courses beyond the five-year limit? If taken at NMC or transferred successfully, you may be eligible to take the competency. Please contact Margaret Fox, Health Occupations Office Manager, at (231) 995-1235 to schedule.
  • Chemistry course beyond the 10-year limit or taken at a high school level? Contact the NMC Student Success Center at (231) 995-2134 to schedule chemistry competency.
  • Have your NMC ID and Password? Contact the NMC Help Desk at (231) 995-3020 for assistance. Your NMC ID and Password are needed to log into your NMC Self-Service Account.
  • Monitor Your NMC Self-Service Account for:
    • Communications that are sent to students via e-mails – for example: e-mail sent to NMC e-mail address reminding interested students to apply for competitive admission;
    • Course(s) met and/or course(s) needed for consideration to the Nursing program.
  • Associate Degree Nursing Program: submit application electronically by deadline date. Send any supporting documentation by the posted deadline date for next semester. The ADN wait list closed on May 31, 2012. All applicants to the ADN program after this date follow the competitive admission process.
  • Application Deadlines - ADN: Fall semester – February 1; Spring semester – July 1. (The online option of the nursing program is only available in the fall of each year)
  • Placement on the Practical Nursing waiting list determined by:
    1. Semester last prerequisite is met;
    2. Date application for admission was complete (date transcripts and/or test scores were received); or the date the change of program form was received.
  • Students are notified by letter and e-mail of possible admission in program in late February and late July.


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