Frequently Asked Questions

How many students will be in each Paramedic course cohort at Munson?

Munson can accommodate cohorts of 10-20 students.

When does each cohort begin?

Cohorts generally begin in June.

Can students take their general education classes during their Paramedic coursework? Is it advisable?

Students can begin taking their general education classes prior to starting their paramedic classes either while waiting for the paramedic classes to begin or as they try to increase the experience needed to enter the program. The other option is to begin classes after they complete the paramedic program.

While students may be able to take a general education course during the first summer semester of the paramedic program, the clinical demands beginning in the fall will not allow time for other course work.

Will Munson reimburse its employees for the tuition for Paramedic coursework as they do for NMC coursework?

Prospective students should contact Munson representatives for the latest paramedic coursework financial aid information.