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Physical Education

Health and Fitness, Outdoor Pursuits, and Physical Education

These make up the academic program areas. Each area highlights physically active courses for developing skills. Current course details can be found under "Course Descriptions" or by following this link.

Most courses are joint offerings to the community, meaning you can take the class for academic credit OR you can enroll through NMC Extended Education on a non-credit basis. Call (231) 995-1700 for more information.

Intramural Program

Offers four co-ed team sports played in six-week seasons throughout the academic year. You can create a team or request to be on a team in the following sports:

  • Fall: Flag Football, Volleyball
  • Spring: Basketball, Dodgeball

For details, contact Sports and Recreation at (231) 995-1199.

Open Recreation

Students and community members can participate in regularly scheduled open recreation hours in the Physical Education Building. Open recreation is sport focused and varies throughout the year between basketball, volleyball and soccer. Academic students attend free; community members pay $4 per session on a punch card system or $6 per session pay-as-you-go.

Fitness Center

Get fit, stay fit in the NMC Fitness Center. New equipment and expanded hours started in Fall 2012. The Center is a great resource for NMC students, employees and community members. Find current hours and details here. For more information, call (231) 995-1379.

Extended Education

A variety of non-credit courses are available each term. For a current list, visit the Personal Enrichment section of the Extended Education website.

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Need one more credit to be a full-time student?

Check out Physical Education (PE), Health & Fitness (HF) and Outdoor Pursuit (OUT) course offerings.

The NMC associate degree can include 2 credit hours from PE/HF/OUT and credits normally transfer as general electives to other schools.

Recreational Opportunities

NMC's open recreation hours allow you to join in pick-up games of basketball, volleyball, or indoor soccer. Outdoor facilities include an athletic field, softball diamonds, sand volleyball and basketball courts, a 5k course and a frisbee/disc golf course.

Prices for Open Recreation Basketball, Volleyball and Soccer will be $6 per person per individual visit. Punch cards will cost $60 for 15 punches. These prices will also apply at the Fitness Center.


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