Visual Communications-Management in Art Direction Program Requirements

Associate in Applied Science Degree NMC Code 251

This Visual Communications program is designed for students who have completed the VCA Associate in Applied Science degree and have the desire to work locally or do not wish to transfer to a four-year BFA or university program. This degree focuses on a tailored set of courses from other disciplines that expose the student to marketing, copywriting, small business management, new media, ditigal photography and other skills that will aid them in breaking into the work force. A required summer intership with a local marketing/design/advertising firm is a key part of this program.

Effective: Fall 2015

Previous Visual Communications AAS degree: 64

General Education Requirements Credits: 31-32

ART 174 Digital Photography OR
VCA 146 Interactive Animation


ART 175 Color Photography I


ART 181 Printmaking I


ART 213 Modern Art History


BUS 155 Interpersonal Communications OR
BUS 231 Professional Communications


CIT 180 HTML and CSS Programming


ENG 220 Technical Writing OR 
ENG 221 Creative Writing


ENG 266 Popular Cultue OR
COM 201 Mass Communication and Culture


MKT 201 Principles of Marketing OR
MKT 241 Principles of Advertising


VCA 290 Visual Communications Internship


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