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Learning Formats

Courses at NMC Extended Educational Services are offered in the following formats:

Lecture courses iconFace-to-Face courses:

Occur face-to-face in an on-campus classroom. Instructors use email (or Moodle if a Joint Offering course) for the course syllabus or other resources to supplement face-to-face instruction.

Online courses iconOnline courses:

These are entirely online. Students are responsible for logging in to the course or Moodle to complete assignments and activities by specific dates. A few Joint Offering courses may also have proctored testing that requires students to complete tests on-campus or online throughout the semester.

Hybrid courses iconHybrid courses:

These blend online, face-to-face and/or livestream delivery using a video platform like Zoom. Most course activity is done online, but there may be some required face-to-face instructional activities, such as lectures, discussions and labs.

Livestream courses iconLivestream courses:

These meet during a regularly scheduled time via a web conferencing tool like Zoom. Email or Moodle is used to distribute materials, submit assignments and share feedback.

None of the options is easier or less time-consuming than the others, but some participants may find a particular delivery method a better fit for their learning style.

Generally, online and hybrid classes work well for those who have access to a computer with high-speed internet and are:

  • self-directed and willing to problem-solve independently.
  • computer-savvy and comfortable working with email, uploading, saving and downloading files, Microsoft Office or Google Docs, and basic internet search functions.
  • comfortable reading, writing, and communicating online.

Face-to-face classes are an excellent fit for students who:

  • benefit from engaging with instructors and classmates in person.
  • do not have reliable internet access or are not comfortable navigating online.
  • can commit to attending class regularly.
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