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Computer Skills Certificate

Learn basic skills in a variety of software programs commonly used in office settings through hands-on introductions to current computer software.

The comprehensive 75-hour program consists of eight short core courses, at least one elective and a final integrative course. Upon completion, participants will be awarded an NMC Continuing Education Certificate and eight Continuing Education Units (CEUs).

Certificate Guidelines

Core Courses

  • Intro to Computers and Windows (12 hrs.)
  • Intro to Word Processing: Microsoft Word (12 hrs.)
  • Intermediate Word (6 hrs.)
  • Intro to Spreadsheets: Microsoft Excel (9 hrs.)
  • Intro to Database: Microsoft Access (12 hrs.) or Intro to PowerPoint (9 hrs.)
  • Organize Your Files and Folders (3 hrs.)
  • Internet Basics (3 hrs.)
  • Integration: Word, Excel, Access (6 hrs.)
  • Electives (6 hrs.*)

Total hours: 75

*At least one additional course (minimum 6 hours) may be selected from the computer section of the Learn for Life schedule. Courses may include advanced levels of Word or Excel; Access; PowerPoint; QuickBooks; Publisher; Web Design; or any approved computer-related course.


The total cost of the certificate program depends on the number and cost of electives you choose, but usually ranges from $950 to $1,100. Since you register and pay for individual courses over time, the cost can be spread over several semesters.

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Attendance & details

Because the learning format is short and concentrated, participants are expected to attend every session of each course to be granted course completion. When unavoidable circumstances occur, students may make arrangements to make up a session in another option of the course as seats are available. At or near the end of your training, you will need to enroll in the six-hour course "The Power of Integration — Word, Excel and Access," which counts toward your total 75 hours. This class demonstrates the integration of Microsoft Office Suite programs and provides a hands-on project so you may apply the skills you have learned.

Special Considerations

Recently completed NMC computer courses may be considered toward certificate requirements. Participants with a strong computer background may be eligible to substitute the introductory course (PC/Windows) and one additional entry-level option (Word or Internet) for a more advanced course. Inclusion of courses previously taken and substitutions of core courses are considered on an individual basis and need to meet the following guidelines:

  • Basic software has not changed
  • Student has been enrolled in related coursework throughout the previous year
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