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Small Business/Entrepreneur Certificate Program

Get practical, ready-to-use skills to start or expand your own business with a collection of courses and workshops designed to help you be successful. NMC Extended Education offers a Small Business Entrepreneur Certificate that highlights essential skills in the core areas of:

  • Business start-up
  • Finance management (bookkeeping or QuickBooks)
  • Customer service
  • Marketing

To obtain the continuing education certificate*, select at least five courses from the core areas (minimum of one from each of the four areas above) plus two related electives for a minimum of eight courses and 45 classroom hours. See qualifying courses here »

*Continuing Education Units are awarded upon completion. Courses are not for academic credit.

Courses are continually updated and new course options are added. Courses are offered on a rotating basis making it possible to complete the certificate requirements in a timely manner. In general, small business courses taken within three years of applying to the program may be credited toward the certificate. To qualify for successful completion, all course sessions must be attended.

Certificate Guidelines

To earn a Small Business Entrepreneur (SBE) Certificate, you will need to complete a minimum of eight courses consisting of 45 contact hours (4.5 CEUs). Five of the eight courses come from the four core areas essential to business success. The remaining three or more courses are electives that can be tailored to enhance the skills you need the most. You may select the additional courses from the Small Business section of the Learn for Life schedule, published quarterly, or choose other related professional development courses in computer skills or management.

Enrollment and costs

To enroll, simply complete a free enrollment form »

Once enrolled, permanent records will be kept for each certificate course you complete.

Costs of the program vary according to the number and cost of the selected courses. Many small business courses are partially underwritten by the Michigan Small Business and Technology Development Center making them very affordable. Most courses range from $49 to $125. Payment is made at the time of registration for each course.


The instructors are experienced academic and business professionals with backgrounds in the building and marketing of small businesses. Class time includes instruction, active learning and coaching.

for more information

If you have questions about the certificate program, or would like help choosing your course plan, contact Julie Doyal at (231) 995-2619 or jdoyal@nmc.edu.

How to Enroll

It's easy and free to enroll. Complete an enrollment form here »

Once enrolled, we'll help you follow your progress through the program.

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