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July 17: What's in the Bay Anyway?

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LIFE Lunch Series

This Life Lunch Series is held monthly on Fridays. Each session provides a casual atmosphere for highlighting people, places, and ideas of intrigue. You will also meet like-minded people and enjoy a buffet lunch. If you prefer, bring a brown bag. Beverages are provided.

July 17 2015*:

What’s in the Bay Anyway?                         

There is more than sand, rocks, and fish in Grand Traverse Bay. Join Chris Doyal, award-winning photographer and past president of the Grand Traverse Bay Underwater Preserve as he uncovers clues to the past in a virtual look underwater of the Grand Traverse Bay. Enjoy an overview of the many shipwrecks, cultural sites, and even a few surprises that are found under our local waters. Bring your curiosity and find out what’s really in the Bay!

Fri., July 17, Noon-1:30 p.m.  
University Center Rm. 215/217
$19 with buffet, Code: 2234
$10 without lunch, Code: 2235
(bring your own)
LIFE Discount does not apply.

*This event was originally scheduled for June 26, but rescheduled to July 17


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