Travel Essay session - pre-conference reading material

You are invited to use the following for pre-conference exploration if you plan to attend Anne-Marie Oomen's session on 'The Travel Essay':

In the literature of travel and place, what practices do writers exercise to move beyond the conventions of the genre?  In your travels or explorations of place, how has the experience of being the “stranger in a strange land” become transformative, inspirational, and insightful for you as a writer?   

A handout will be provided but if you’d like to read ahead of time:

An American Map, Anne-Marie Oomen
         “Warming the Flue” and title essay, “An American Map”


Optional Readings if you should be interested:

Gary Snyder Reader, Gary Snyder.  “The Place, The Region, The Commons” pg. 183-200 (This essay is also found in Snyder’s Practice of the Wild. Both books may be in your library.) 


Landscape with Figures,  Robert Root.
        Introduction. You can find this introduction/essay at:,673164.aspx

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