NMC Children's Choir

Register with the child's name and birthdate, not the parent's. Each child needs a separate account and username. instructions here.

To enroll TWO children: after registering the first, empty the shopping cart and start again.

before or after enrolling and paying for the course here, it is necessary to also fill in the online form at nmcchildrenschoir.com/registration.html »

NEW STUDENTS: if entering grades K-3, no audition is required -- enroll online here and follow the directions above.
RETURNING STUDENTS: enroll in the choir chosen by your choir director.

The NMC Children's Choir (NMCCC) is a program of seven exemplary choral music ensembles that develops high levels of artistic, expressive singing for students in Kindergarten through Grade 9. Participation is open to all and is a full-school-year commitment, including performances. To schedule an audition for a student in grades 3 through 9, or to apply for a partial scholarship, call NMC Extended Education at (231) 995-1700. 

For more information about the Choir, visit nmcchildrenschoir.com »

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