Morning + Afternoon classes + lunch break

Kids on Campus week in July 2019

The week of July 15-19, if you take morning AND afternoon classes, you have the option to stay for lunch! For this week, all classes meet at University Center Campus (2200 Dendrinos Drive, Traverse City, off Cass Road). Design your own week! When the 2019 catalog is posted here, you may view the list of eligible classes (opens in new window).

Optional Lunch Break - during Kids on Campus week

If you enroll in a morning AND afternoon class that week, you are invited to join the LUNCH BREAK hour between classes in the University Center Campus (2200 Dendrinos Drive, Traverse City, off Cass Road). This is the same location as the classes. The lunch option is for students ages 4-15. The kick-back-and-relax supervised hour from noon to 1 p.m. offers time to eat, relax inside or outdoors, and join in recreational options. Junior counselors and staff will help you get to the lunch area and afternoon classes. Bring your lunch each day — juice packs and water are provided. Financial aid is not available for LUNCH BREAK.


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