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Solar Energy Demonstration Center

NMC's Solar Energy Demonstration Center provides important resources to build our collective understanding of solar energy. Partnering with the Midwest Renewable Energy Association, the Midwest Solar Training Network, the Great Lakes Renewable Energy Association, local utilities and the Michigan Energy Office, the center will provide opportunity for Michigan citizens and workers to build essential understanding, knowledge and skills to build capacity for local solar energy production.

What we do

The Energy Demonstration Center also hosts conferences, tours, exhibits, and facilitates partnership programs.

Thank you to Patriot Solar of Albion, Michigan for the generous donation of ground mount solar panel racks!

Components and resources

  • Grid Connected, Net metered 10 kW solar photovoltaic (electric) generator
  • Grid Connected, 3.8 kW solar photovoltaic generator
  • Solar battery charging systems (a.k.a. stand-alone systems)
  • Solar Domestic Hot Water Training Equipment
  • Mobile Solar Classroom
  • Wind generation systems
  • Geothermal (Ground Source Heat Pump) technology

The Energy Demonstration Center at NMC is one of eight demonstration centers in Michigan. Established and funded in part by the Michigan Energy Office and Michigan Public Service Commission, the energy centers provide Michigan residents the opportunity to be at the forefront of using energy effectively.



On NMC's Aero Park Campus at the Aero Park Lab. Find campus maps and directions here »

Classes we offer

NMC provides a variety of options for learners interested in energy-related topics:

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