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NABCEP Certification

NABCEP stands for the North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners. NABCEP Certification is a premier solar industry workforce credential and is recognized throughout the United States. Solar professionals who chose to seek NABCEP certification are those who want to be identified as the best in the industry. Certifications are available for entry level workers, solar installers and technical sales professionals.

Several Courses Qualify for NABCEP Credit or as Prerequisite Training. Below is a list of courses and prerequisites needed to complete training in each category.

NABCEP Entry Level

Once obtained, this credential identifies to employers that you have studied and trained to understand the fundamental skills necessary for entry level work in the solar industry.

Recommended Route to Certification:

  • EEVE 191 Introduction to Solar Electric Power
  • EEVE 284 Solar Photovoltaic (PV) Electric Systems - One week Intensive
  • NABCEP Entry Level Exam

NABCEP Solar Installer

Recommended Courses:

  • NABCEP Solar Photovoltaic (PV) Electric Systems - One week Intensive
  • Solar Photovoltaic Design and Installation Bootcamp - this course satisfies 30 hours of qualified advanced training.

Other Qualifying Courses:

  • Solar Site Assessment EEVE 189

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Career Analysis

The entry level designation gives employers confidence that you possess fundamental knowledge and skills required to begin work in the solar industry. The designation also satisfies an important prerequisite for a variety of solar industry career paths and learning opportunities. For more information about the North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners, visit www.nabcep.org. See the 2012 Solar Foundation Jobs Report here »

Who Should Take This Course?

Training provides electrical workers and suppliers, builders, bankers, contractors, engineers, architects, code officials, attorneys, teachers, and elected officials to deepen their understanding of solar electric power generation.

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