SOAR Program

Welcome to our new SOAR Pilot Program. SOAR stands for Skills, Opportunity, Achievement, Reward. This pilot program is made possible by a grant from the NMC Foundation. 

The goal of the SOAR is to provide lifelong learning opportunities to students with cognitive or other disabilities. This pilot program is the first of what we hope becomes a full catalog of courses. Your participation in this pilot will help us to refine our course offerings to best fit your needs.

For registration information or questions, contact Bill Queen, SOAR Program Coordinator, at (231) 995-1701 or For an application to enroll in a course, contact or call (231) 995-1700.

Open House / Information Night:

Drop In - Tuesday, January 23, 2018, 6:30-8 p.m.

The meeting will be held on the Main NMC Campus at 1701 E. Front Street in the Health & Science Building, Room 100.

The Fall Courses take place in September, October, and November. Space is limited, so try to attend the information meeting to secure a spot. Pilot courses include Computer Technology (using Android Devices, Laptops, Organizing Files, Video Game Creation, Video Editing, and more) Qigong (Tai Chi type exercise), Communication Skills for the Workplace, Dog Care Basics, Animal Care, and Hip-Hop Dance. Registration begins August 15 -- contact Bill Queen, SOAR Program Coordinator, at (231) 995-1701 or

The courses are designed to assist the learning with features such as:

  • Extended Length of Time & Attention to Pacing
  • Classroom Assistance
  • Performance Based lessons with Self Evaluations
  • No Tests

Please note:

College course work differs from high school in the following ways:

  • You voluntarily sign up for courses.
  • You pay for courses.
  • You voluntarily attend courses.
  • You have the responsibility for your own learning.
  • You will need to determine if you have the skills necessary to participate.

If you meet the course requirements but need extra assistance, YOU will need to tell us what your needs are and request additional support.

Consideration for participation:

  • Students must be 18 and older and possess a High School Certificate of Completion OR Diploma OR GED.
  • Student will have stated educational goals (this can include personal enrichment, desire to pursue a certificate program, build a job skill, or gain personal skills)
  • Students will have the ability to work both independently and in a group setting.
  • Student will need to understand, and adhere to the NMC student code of conduct.
  • Students will need to agree to put forward their best effort in the classroom and on assignments and tasks as instructed.
  • Students will need to pay for courses prior to the start of the course.
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