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Questions about searching for classes

How do I find a class offered for a particular topic?

There are several ways you can search for classes: Using a keyword in the Search box, Browse by Subject, or the Advanced Search option.

Below is an example of searching by a keyword:

Search for class options

Below is an example using the "Advanced Search" option to search for all Culinary classes that start after a certain date:

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If I already know the Course Code Number (CRN), how do I search for the class to sign up for it?

Enter Course Code Number (CRN) in the Search box and hit enter or the magnifying glass to search.

Search by course code (CRN)

How do I get to the complete list of Extended Education classes offered?

You can always get the full listing by leaving the Search box blank and clicking on the magnifying glass.

How do I search for College for Kids classes?

College for Kids classes are in a separate online registration catalog. You can link to this catalog from the College for Kids page of our website by clicking here ».

Are there classes I can't sign up for using online registration?

Yes. If you are looking for a particular class and it does not appear in our online registration system, please contact the Extended Education Office to register by phone (231) 995-1700 or (800) 748-0566, ext. 1700.

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