Solar Energy Conference - Aug. 15, 2011

Solar Energy Education will be the focus of an upcoming conference at Northwestern Michigan College on Monday, August 15, 2011. The Conference, “Solar Energy and the Michigan Workforce” will be held at the Parsons-Stulen Building on Aero Park Drive in Traverse City from 8:45 am – 5 pm.

The event will strengthen Michigan’s capacity to deliver quality solar energy education and training. Participants will get up-to-date information on technology, research, curricula, as well as reports on the progress of Michigan’s emerging solar industry and jobs market. Sessions include technology, program development, accreditation, instruction, certifications, curricula and lab resources, as well as secondary education activities. Vendors will be on hand to discuss products and services to support educators. The $125 cost includes lunch.

While the focus is on education, anyone involved in solar energy is encouraged to attend. Planners, legislators, community leaders, non-profit organizations, and renewable energy advocates will glean important information to aid their efforts and understanding of solar energy.

Post conference continuing education courses are available on Solar Energy Basics and Solar Technical Sales Training (NABCEP prerequisite).

For more information please call Northwestern Michigan College, Extended Education at 231-995-1701.

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