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Share a Photo

To submit a photo to share on NMC's Instagram page, please fill out the form below. Use the "Choose Photo" button below to select the photo you'd like to submit.

Please include your name and contact information in case we need further information concerning your submission.

Please remember that by submitting your photo to NMC, you indicate your agreement with the Usage Guidelines.

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Format Guidelines

  • JPEG, PNG or TIFF format
  • Dimensions 1024x768 or larger
  • Files 5MB (Megabytes) or smaller

Usage Guidelines

Each submitter grants NMC's Public Relations department a non-exclusive license to use, reproduce, publish, display and distribute the submitter's image(s), in whole or in part. All rights to the original work will be retained by the copyright holder.

Captions may be used as submitted or rewritten by Public Relations staff.

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