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Costa Rica study group photo
Costa Rica study group students by the water

Costa Rica study group student on a zip line

Costa Rica study group students testing water

Exploring: Water Management in Costa Rica

The Costa Rica Internship offers a close look at an "environmentally progressive" university campus and community.

Costa Rica internship photoThe Freshwater Studies Internship in Costa Rica is designed for students to experience sustainable water management in rural communities. Students participate in homestays and workshops at EARTH University, where they interact with other students from 45 different countries. The itinerary includes field trips to natural parks led by leaders in the field of water management and sustainability.

Agua es Vida signSPN 227A, Spanish for Environmental Management (Spanish Boot Camp), is a two-week course offered immediately preceding the trip to ensure that participants have sufficient Spanish language skills.

Please contact Constanza Hazelwood, coordinator of NMC's Water Studies Institute, at (231) 995-1722 or for more information.

Photo of handsNMC believes learners must forge connections in international settings to ensure they are prepared for success in a global society and economy. "Understanding how Michigan connects to an economy in Central America, and how society and the environment can be balanced sustainably, is one many goals of the Costa Rica experience," Hazelwood said.

To participate, please enroll in ENV 290, Freshwater Studies Internship.

For financial support, apply to NMC Global Opportunities Fund.

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Since 1990, EARTH University’s innovative educational approach has been preparing young people from Latin America, the Caribbean, Africa and other regions to contribute to the sustainable development of their home communities while constructing a prosperous and just global society.

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