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To: Michigan State University - Main Campus

Program: Elementary Education

The Elementary Education program at MSU is a 5-year program:

  • 1st and 2nd Years – Basic University Requirements plus beginning level courses related to teaching major/minor.
  • 3rd and 4th Years – Professional Education coursework
  • 5th Year – Graduate education courses and a full-time, nine month internship. 12 credits from the fifth year can be applied to a Master's degree in Curriculum Teaching.

Students wishing to be Elementary Education teachers must complete a major in Professional Education. In addition, students must choose either 2 academic minors or an approved major for elementary education. See MSU online information for complete list of available major & minor options.

Elementary Education Provisional Certification allows teachers to instruct all subjects in grades K-5, and only their major and minor subject areas in grades 6, 7, 8.


  1. Admission Applications – MSU prefers students to submit applications online at admissions.msu.edu/apply.asp .
  2. GPA – 3.25 or higher.
  3. Special Application – A supplemental application for the Teacher Education program will be sent by MSU to students who have met the 3.25 GPA requirement.
  4. 42 credits needed – Transfer students may be admitted directly into the College of Education if they have 42 or more transferrable credit hours. However, the College of Education has placed a limit on the number of transfer students being directly admitted into Education programs per year. In the event a student is not admitted directly into the College of Education, it does not mean that students cannot be admitted to MSU in a different major area, establish a GPA at MSU, then re-apply to the School of Education in a subsequent semester.
  5. Transfer Credits – 60-64 credits is the maximum amount of credits students should take at NMC. MSU requires that one half of degree requirements be completed at a 4-year school. Students who accumulate more than 60-64 credits at NMC are still held accountable for completing one half of their degree at a 4-year school.
  6. Transfer Grades – 2.0+ grades required for transfer.
  7. Enrollment Limitations – Student demand for the Elementary Education program is high. Expectations for "quality" teachers is also high. Because of these factors, admissions criteria for the Teacher Education program are stringent. Work experience & written composition skills are required. Some applicants may be interviewed!
  8. Basic Skills Test – To be formally admitted to the College of Education at MSU, students must pass all 3 components of the Mich. Test for Teachers (Basic Skills Test). Contact MSU about this test.
  9. Application deadline – It is recommended that students make application to the Teacher Education program in September or October of their sophomore year. Students must submit the supplemental application mentioned above plus the essay required and scores from the MI Teacher's Certification Test. A decision will not be rendered until all documents have been received. The essay is weighed heavily and should be given utmost consideration.
  10. Scholarships – Students who have a 3.5 GPA or above should consult with their NMC counselor to discuss possible transfer scholarship opportunities at MSU.


The following courses are listed to facilitate transfer and fulfill University requirements at MSU. These courses fulfill MACRAO requirements, but may not fulfill requirements for the Associate of Arts or Science degree at NMC. If your goal is to complete an Associate degree before transferring, see a counselor for assistance.



ENG 111, 112

English Composition



View Humanities requirements »

Special Note: NMC highly recommends that one of your choices be either HST 111 or HST 112 U.S. History. Although it is not absolutely required, taking U.S. History eliminates having to take a special integrated writing course at MSU. Without a U.S. History course, transfer students can expect to take a IAH 201 at MSU.


View Science/Math requirements »

MTH 121 or MTH 140

College Algebra or College Algebra & Trig

4 or 5

MTH 106, 206*

*Math For Elementary Teachers I and II – MSU prefers that NMC students not take the Math for Elem. Teachers courses at NMC. Students should wait and take Mathematical Investigations I and II at MSU.

Social Science

View Social Science requirements »

Four semester credits equivalent to any 200 – level ISS course at MSU. An additional 300-level social science course must be completed at MSU.




EDU 101

Intro to Teaching


(Not required by MSU, but highly recommended as it gives students an early opportunity to evaluate their potential as a teacher. Transfers to MSU as an Education credit.)

Additional courses may be taken which satisfy requirements for disciplinary major or minors.

Northwestern Michigan College does not assume final responsibility for the accuracy of information on this guide. The final responsibility for the successful transfer of classes suggested on this guide rests with you and the institution you plan to transfer to. It is strongly recommended that you visit the institution early.

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