Covid-19 Protocols for Multiple Classroom Cases

  • After discussing with Health Services and upon approval by an Academic Chair, instructors may temporarily move courses that are experiencing 15% or more COVID-related student absenteeism (whether to online instruction for a ‘limited period’ to provide more equitable course access to students. A limited period is considered one to five days.
  • The Department Chairs must notify the Vice President for Educational Services and Vice President of Finance and Administration, and Vice President of Student Services and Technology of any temporary changes in delivery.
  • Instructors should try to provide students with at least 24 hours’ notice before any change in format.
  • This generally does not apply to courses that can’t easily shift online, such as labs, workshops, and certain technical and occupational courses. Faculty should consult with their chairs about special cases.
  • We continue to emphasize keeping face-to-face courses in-person whenever possible to minimize learning disruption. Instructors may continue to teach in person even with 15% or more of their class absent.