COVID-19 Expectations for Academic Year 2021-22

The health of every resident who resides in the residence halls is of the utmost priority for Northwestern Michigan College. The college’s mission is to provide a quality education and operation of services in a manner that promotes the well being of students, staff and visitors to the institution while providing an environment that is safe and taking concerted steps to minimize the spread of a virus within the residential community. Residents are strongly encouraged to be fully vaccinated before arriving on campus. Due to the pandemic known as “COVID-19”, NMC Housing is expecting all residents who plan to reside in housing to adhere to the mandatory guidelines below:

Expectations for the residence halls

All residents will need to monitor their temperature daily and prior to returning to campus if they have left campus for a period of time or visited an area with a high level of COVID-19 outbreaks. Residents are required to answer these questions for themselves daily:

  1. Is your temperature above 99.9(F)?
  2. Do you have any other COVID symptoms such as: chills, difficulty breathing, new or worsening dry cough, head or body ache, loss of taste or smell, sore throat, vomiting or diarrhea?
  3. Have you had close contact in the last 14 days with an individual diagnosed with COVID-19?
  4. Have been told by the local health department or your healthcare provider to self- isolate?
  5. Are you waiting for a COVID test result?

If you have answered yes to any of the listed above, please contact your health provider and quarantine for at least five days or until you have a negative test result (If you are fully vaccinated and without symptoms, you are not required to quarantine). If NMC requires a resident to relocate from their designated unit, the resident will comply with the directive and relocate to a space designated by the College or will be in violation of the Students Rights and Responsibilities policy for failure to follow the directives of a college official. It is your responsibility to notify the Office of Residence Life at or NMC’s Health Services at if you answered yes to any of the following questions listed above as soon as possible. Residents understand that no outside visitors or guests that do not reside in East Hall or North Hall will be allowed after the resident moves into the building. Residents will be notified in the future if NMC deems individuals outside of East Hall and North Hall are allowed to visit.

Residents who chose to reside in on-campus housing assume an assumption of risk as it pertains to residential living with others who may or may not be exposed to illness. Residents will be able to use the enclaves in North Hall, fishbowl, lobby and basement in East Hall as long as they follow the guidelines posted on the doors for the numbers of persons allowed in the space and practice social distancing protocols for NMC.

NMC reserves the right to change or modify the above stated COVID-19 guidelines based on local and state COVID-19 conditions.

Dining for Academic Year 2021/2022

Dining options and the delivery of service for residential students is at the discretion of the college and subject to change due to public health concerns. Please refer to NMC COVID-19 updates about the delivery of services for dining.

Residents are encouraged to follow the suggested spending for meal plans throughout the semester.

Suggested Spending

Weeks of Meal Plan

$1200/per semester
(Spend per week/Remaining)

$1400/per semester
(Spend per week/Remaining)

$1700/per semester
(Spend per week/Remaining)

Week 1, suggested spending per week




Week 2, suggested spending




Week 3, suggested spending




Week 4, suggested spending




Week 5, suggested spending




Week 6, suggested spending




Week 7, suggested spending




Week 8, suggested spending




Week 9, suggested spending




Week 10,suggested spending




Week 11, suggested spending




Week 12,suggested spending




Week 13,suggested spending




Week 14,suggested spending




Week 15 - remaining balance




Meal plans are non-refundable and will only be refunded if NMC deems that dining cannot be provided for those with purchased plans.


NMC Custodial will continue to modify and implement cleaning measures to address the COVID-19 pandemic or any other public health emergency that may arise during your stay in college housing. Residents are required to wipe down any common space areas in their unit, including but not limited to bathrooms, kitchens, living rooms, etc. Residents are responsible for providing their own cleaning supplies, such as Clorox wipes, disinfectant spray, etc.

Termination of housing contract

NMC reserves the right to terminate housing contracts due to the public health emergency crisis, including COVID-19. In the event that NMC chooses to terminate housing contracts due to public health concerns, NMC will offer fair and reasonable reimbursements for housing and dining.

Compliance and Sanctions

Failure to comply with the above rules will result in removal from NMC Housing.