Media Promotions

The following guidelines from NMC’s Public Relations and Marketing Department can help boost exposure of your meetings and events.

Required Information

Include the following information with all requests:

  • Name of organization
  • Contact person’s name, phone number, e-mail address
  • Event name, date, time and location
  • Cost and where to purchase tickets
  • Brief description of event; who it is intended to attract
  • Graphics, if applicable

Intercom / Student News

Editor: Andy Dolan, (231) 995-1019 or

The Intercom is a weekly newsletter for faculty and staff sent electronically each Friday. Student News is sent to students electronically every other week. Both newsletters can be found online at NMC Communiqué.

Deadline for submitting items for inclusion in the Friday issue is 5 p.m. on Wednesday.

Information may be submitted to


Contact: Public Relations, (231) 995-1833, (231) 995-1020 or

Campus monitors display NMC-related information pertinent to students, staff and faculty. For campus events or meetings, submit information after space has been reserved.

Outside Media

Contact: Cari Noga, (231) 995-1027 or

Do not directly contact outside media.

Send your news release draft to Cari at least three week prior to release date. Submit information only on events intended primarily for the public (as opposed to primarily for student audiences.)

News releases are automatically posted on the NMC website.

Website announcements

Contact: Public Relations at (231) 995-1833, (231) 995-1020 or

Please submit the information you want posted on the student activities calendar.

Note: The above information pertains to news event postings on the NMC website. For technical issues with the website, or content on a student group page, contact Steve Kellman at (231) 995-2178 or To request a site update, use the web site update request form.

Social media

You are encouraged to work with the Public Relations & Marketing department to post items to the main NMC social media channels (those with the most friends and followers) rather that start your own Facebook and Twitter pages, to get the broadest reach for your promotion. Send the required information listed above to Cari Noga at or  (231) 995-1027 at least a week in advance of your desired posting date.

NMC's main Facebook page »

The NMCdotEDU Twitter page, for news and events on campus »


Contact Meg Young at (231) 995-1077 or

NMC logos for use on posters can be found on NMC's internal network at S:\Integrated Marketing\Public\NMC Toolkit\NMC Logos .

Color printing of flyers and posters, including 11 by 17 inches, can be done in-house for smaller quantities. For larger quantity orders, contact Meg for assistance.

Radio Announcements at WNMC

Contact: Eric Hines, General Manager, at (231) 995-2562 or

When contacting Eric, please decide who your audience is (i.e., students or the larger community), so your announcement can be scheduled accordingly. Passing along a flyer is a great way to get the DJ’s attention and some possible extra announcements. E-mail is the preferred way to pass along information. Please put PSA or Event in the subject line and e-mail to, with a three- to four-sentence on-air announcement. If the event involves a musician or other artist, copies of their work (with obscenities flagged!) definitely help us help you.