Grand Traverse Mycological Society

What is 'Mycology'?

'Myco' is the Latin word for 'Fungi'. Therefore mycology is the study of fungi.


The GT Mycological Society is a student group aimed at promoting the science of fungi through interactive discussions, workshops, experiments and forays. We will be exploring the medicinal benefits of mushrooms as well as their boremediating capabilities. Together we will learn about cultivation and identification of various species which will enable us to benefit from their innumerable healing properties.

Innovation Grant

Last year we received a grant from the NMC Foundation to study the bioremediating effects of three species of fungi on lead filtration. We have started the research and design process for the experiment but have much more work to do this year and would love your help!

Interested in Joining?

That's great news! We will meet at a plethora of locations over the course of the year including the abundant Michigan Forests, NMC Science Labs, Low-tech Home Labs, Farms, Local Events and elsewhere.

Visit our facebook page to stay informed about when and where we meet.
We will host a meeting at least once every other week, with additional meetings to focus on the Mycoremediation Experiment.

Not a Student?

That's ok, non-student community members are welcome to be a part of our group.

Contact us

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