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Change in Format for LPS

Hello fellow poets,

I am sorry to post that Jim Crockett and I will not be able to attend Live Poets Society meetings during the Spring 2015 semester. However, if some of you want to get together and read and write poetry I will be glad to reserve a room for your use on campus. Please let me know if you want to get a group together, along with the time and date and I will see what is available on campus. I am glad to serve as the group advisor but will not be leading the group at this time. If one of you wants to take the leadership I will provide the Student Life Office with your contact information.

The LPS Facebook page will remain as a place you can watch for opportunities read, listen to, or submit poetry for publication. (See link at bottom of page.)

I would be thrilled to see a student-run poetry group take off this Spring!
Let me know if this is what you want to happen.

Deb Maison - dmaison@nmc.edu  - 231-995-1280

P.S. The MISSION stated below is how we conducted our meetings. 

Mission: Spring 2011 - fall 2014

A weekly round-table and creative lab where students, faculty & staff may write, recite and experiment with poetry.

This is an open space where creative writers of whatever ability can meet, talk, write and share work.

What we do and how we do it will be guided by the interests, needs, and curiosities of our ad hoc members. Sessions also include time to present and workshop poems-in-progress. Everyone is welcome.

Bring your notebook.

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